Teeth Whitening Strips (2 Week Course)


Our teeth whitening strips use our unique signature formula, developed by London experts, to whiten and brighten your smile without the use of harmful peroxides - meaning no sensitivity for you, just great results. Features a mild mint flavoring and includes a full 2 week course.

Select a bundle: 1 Set - $49

Safe For Sensitive Teeth

Our signature formula was developed with zero harmful chemicals or peroxides, meaning no nasty sensitivity issues.

Up To 8 Shades Whiter

96% of customers see 3 to 8 shades whiter teeth within 2 weeks, from over 100,000 customer reviews.

Fully FDA Approved

Use our products with confidence, knowing our signature formula is fully FDA approved in the U.S, Europe and Thailand.


Premium Quality,
Real Results

100,000+ customers can't be wrong. See real results fast - 96% of customers see at least 3 shades whiter teeth after 2 weeks.


Easy and convenient

Use as part of your routine for 30-45 mins per day, for 2 weeks

Proven, real results

96% of customers see at least 3 shades whiter teeth in 2 weeks

Full 2 week course

Includes everything you need for a full 2-week course