Our Story

About Divyne London

The game has changed.

What if you could get London-quality cosmetic products delivered direct to your door, fast, without the crazy retail mark-ups?

Well, it turns out...you can.

Love beauty, hate drama.

We love great beauty products, but we hate the crazy retail prices. We love that feeling of discovering the perfect new skincare serum, but we hate the packed malls and fighting for parking. It just shouldn't be this hard.

So, we got to work. We found the best London cosmetic experts and formulated industry-leading products, developed the logistics to cut out the middlemen and figured out how to ship your orders to you fast, and for free.

What happened next?

Well...you loved it. Over 100,000 people purchased our first release - our legendary teeth whitening strips - with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

With orders flying in from everywhere from Singapore to Sydney, we knew we were doing something right.

So now, we're doubling down - more expert products, more uncompromising quality, more incredible deals. And we have some huge things in store for 2020...trust us - you won't want to miss this.